About Us

Founded in Waterloo, Ontario by three software developers, who had quite a few good ideas that didn’t fit into their full-time jobs. So the idea was we’d develop them as products from the ground up… Soon after registering our company, it turned out we knew too many people who were looking for skills like ours to build some cool and interesting projects for their companies. That’s how we ended up getting into custom software development, and it has been a rewarding, fun and challenging journey so far.

We have years of experience in fields such as:

  • Web development (Java and PHP)
  • J2ME Mobile development for platforms like the BlackBerry
  • Mapping (Google or OpenLayers)
  • Search engine optimization
  • UI design using CSS and Javascript
We have created custom software that is used on daily basis for businesses in industries such as:
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Software/IT (outsourcing some development)
  • Beauty Products
  • Real Estate
  • Storage and Equipment Rentals
  • … others that are too unique to categorize!

Whether you have a question, want to inquire about our services (e.g. get a quote), we are always happy to hear from you through our contact form. We have samples of our work ready to show as well as references from previous customers raving about us!

There is also our blog where we post technical thoughts and discoveries.